UEFA has yet to rule on the incidents involving Nasser Al-Khelafi in the Real Madrid-PSG match!

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One of the expectations for the end of the season for Paris Saint-Germain is to learn the fate of the capital club’s president regarding the events that occurred after the match loss to Real Madrid on March 9. ,. UEFA has yet to hear Nasser Al-Khelafi, despite the fact that the European body has ruled on more recent cases. The information was noted today by Tariq Panja, a journalist for the New York Times. He stated the following:

” UEFA has issued the most recent disciplinary actions against teams for incidents that occurred in mid-April matches. The sanctioned teams include City and Frankfurt. Surprisingly, no action has been taken against Nasser Al Khelaifi, a member of the UEFA board of directors, for an incident that occurred in Madrid on March 9. “

to summаrize

Nаsser Al-Khelаfi disаppointedly distinguished himself in the return mаtch аt the Sаntiаgo Bernаbéu on Mаrch 9. He hаsn’t been judged yet. Despite the lengthening deаdline, UEFA аppeаrs to hаve yet to mаke а decision in his cаse.

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