Tuchel expects Kanté and Kovacic to return for the final against the Reds!

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The Blues’ and Thomas Tuchel’s hour of vengeance has arrived. Chelsea will face Liverpool in the FA Cup final on Saturday, just weeks after losing to the same team in the Carabao Cup final. “We’re going to try today for Mateo, which is quite surprising news because we didn’t think we could make it,” the German coach said at a press conference prior to the match. Mateo is eager to try. Before talking about Kanté, the medical staff gave him the green light to try, explained the coach. We’ll try. He’s all set to go. It’s time to take chances.”

“These are always very close matches”

“These are always very close and very intense matches,” Thomas Tuchel said of the final. To compete, you must always have extremely high levels. I don’t expect them or us to do anything new crazy. The game has begun. It’s a fantastic final and a fantastic competition.”

to summarize

On the eve of the FA Cup finаl between Chelseа аnd Liverpool, Thomаs Tuchel held а press conference. After meeting in the Cаrаbаo Cup finаl а few weeks аgo, the two teаms meet аgаin.

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