“There’s a reason we don’t talk to each other”: Tarek, Nabilla’s brother, throws everything at their fight!

“No, but hello,” says Nabilla, who is eight months pregnant, while his brother, Tarek, adds to their tensions on YouTube. That’s right, on May 8, Tarek and his wife, Camelia, appeared in an episode of Jeremstar’s “Baby Story” mini-series.

While the two brothers and sisters will become parents again a few weeks apart, their relationship has changed since their first children were born. The 25-year-old was the first to comment on rumors of financial concerns. Tarek expresses his displeasure with Nabilla’s behavior while also expressing hope that things will work out in the end.

Liam’s mother, too, was moved and confided in the situation. she remarked. Before explaining that she had tried in vain earlier in 2021 to calm the game between the two brothers and sisters as Nabilla’s wedding to Thomas Vergara approached, they did not attend. I’m hoping that the good news will help to relieve the tensions!

Laura Bertrand

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