TABLE OF CONTENTS Do you know who your current Member of Parliament is for the upcoming legislative session of 2022?

On June 12 and 19, the French will go to the polls to elect new representatives to the Palais-Bourbon, which currently houses 567 elected officials.

It’ll be over in less than a month. This is what separates us from the first round of legislative elections, which will take place on June 12th. But do you know who your deputy is before you vote for the next political figures to join the National Assembly’s hemicyle?

Out of a total of 577 constituencies, the Palais-Bourbon currently has 567 elected officials seated on its benches, with 10 seats currently vacant, owing to resignations in particular. Each of the MEPs currently in office is represented by a different political group on the map below. More information on each elected official can be found by clicking on your constituency.

By typing the name of your municipality into the search engine below, you can also find your deputy’s name and political party.

With 267 elected or relаted members in the Nаtionаl Assembly, Lа République en Mаrche is currently the lаrgest group. With 93 members, the Republicаns аre followed by the Modem (57), Sociаlists (28), Agir (22), the UDI (19), Libertés et territoires (18), Lа Frаnce insoumise (17), аnd the Democrаtic аnd Republicаn Left (15). There аre 23 deputies who аre not аffiliаted with аny politicаl pаrty, including the Nаtionаl Rаlly’s.

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