Stormy skies blanket much of the western half of the country.

Temperatures remain unusually warm for this time of year, but thunderstorms threaten the western half of the country. This is the weather forecast for France on Sunday.

Météo France forecasts a very agitated day beginning in the morning with a very cloudy sky and stormy showers extending from the English Channel to the west of the Pyrenees.

Thunderstorms will be more prevalent in Normandy in the morning. This stormy threat will extend from Aquitaine to Paris, western Burgundy, Champagne, and the Hauts de France in the afternoon. Storms can be violent at times, with hail and gusts of up to 80/90 km/h, and even up to 100 km/h in some areas.

The heat always there

Thunderstorms will only affect the relief zone in the rest of the country. Showers will become more common in the afternoon east of the Pyrenees, the Alps, and the Jura. The day will be mostly sunny elsewhere, except near the Gulf of Lion, where low clouds will be dense.

Minimum temperаtures in Chаmpаgne-Ardenne аnd Lorrаine will be between 4 аnd 9 degrees, while the rest of the country will be between 10 аnd 17 degrees. The heаt will spreаd аcross the northern hаlf of the country, with highs rаnging from 21 to 26 degrees neаr the English Chаnnel аnd the Mediterrаneаn, аnd 26 to 31 degrees elsewhere.

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