Spain will vote on a painful period of leave.

It is historically significant in Europe. Spain is preparing to vote for menstrual leave for Spaniards suffering from painful periods, as part of a broad law “for the protection of sexual and reproductive rights and the guarantee of voluntary termination of pregnancy.”

If the measure is new to the European Union, it already exists in other parts of the world, such as South Korea, Japan, Zambia, and Indonesia. It allows women to avoid going to work if their menstruation is causing them too much pain. “Anyone with such symptoms is granted a temporary disability.” It should be the same for menstruation,” writes Angela Rodriguez, Spain’s Secretary of State for Equality, in the Catalan daily “El Periódico.”

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The current text of the law allows for up to five days of leave for the most incapacitating pain. The vote will take place in the Congress of Deputies, Spain’s equivalent of the National Assembly, in mid-May.

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