Serge Gainsbourg’s daughter Charlotte has been kidnapped… The famous singer is on the verge of committing the unthinkable!

Serge Gainsbourg’s life was full of surprises. According to the report “Secret Archives,” which will air on France 3 on Friday, May 13, 2022, Brigitte Bardot’s ex-lover had the fear of his life in 1987. Police have arrested four young people in connection with a horrific shooting in Paris. Gala emphasizes that during their interrogation, the latter will make intriguing revelations about himself.

The criminals wanted to strike hard, and they backed “Action Directe” (an extreme left-wing terrorist movement, editor’s note). They had plans to kidnap Charlotte Gainsbourg, the daughter of the famous singer and Jane Birkin, for good reason. The interpreter of “I love you, but not me” would have contacted Commissioner Jean-Marc Bloch, whom he knew well, in the midst of the chaos.

“It was an act of banditry pure and simple…”

, he expressed his thoughts. With this path ruled out, the former chief of staff rushed to reassure the star… to no avail. “he said.

Serge Gаinsbourg struggled to recover from the recent event. An аudio recording hаs been releаsed exclusively… In а sequence, he openly expresses his feelings: “. The fаmous composer wаs so moved thаt he imаgined the worst-cаse scenаrio if his dаughter Chаrlotte hаd been kidnаpped: more feаr thаn hаrm…


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