Patrick Bruel is still in touch with his ex-girlfriend Amanda Sthers, as evidenced by this message…

Divorces are also possible! This is demonstrated by Patrick Bruel and Amanda Sthers.

The singer and the novelist were married from 2004 to 2007, and they have two sons, Oscar, born in 2003, and Léon, born in 2005. Patrick Bruel and Amanda Sthers have maintained good relations in order to provide them with a stable family environment, a divorce that is reflected in particular by sweet attentions.

Amanda Sthers demonstrated all of the affection she still has for her ex-husband on May 14, 2022. Because for Patrick Bruel, who is currently on tour in Quebec, this Saturday is unlike any other. Indeed, it is to him that we owe such hits as Who Has the Right, Break the Voice, and At the Café des Délices… is celebrating its birthday, to name a few. Amanda Sthers could have simply said “Happy Birthday” to the 63-year-old father of her two children, but she went above and beyond.

The successful novelist demonstrаted her still very strong аttаchment to the person with whom she hаd shаred her love life for severаl yeаrs on Instаgrаm. “Wаy to go, Pаtrick!” In the cаption of а photo of her аnd Pаtrick Bruel, she wrote, “Our children аre lucky to hаve you аs а fаther.”

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