“Of course it helps us…”: a mother of “large families” reveals the amount of allowances she gets from her kids!

TF1 viewers can watch “Large Families, Life in XXL” to learn about the daily lives of mothers who dedicate their lives to their many children. A home-centered life that sometimes necessitates significant sacrifices. If the public is so interested in these women’s lives, it begs the question of how much it costs to raise a large family. Some participants may find this to be debatable.

Amandine Pelissard has been accused of living solely on the CAF (Family Allowance Fund) by viewers since her first appearance on screen. What is the cause? Despite the fact that they have eight mouths to feed, she and her husband Alexandre don’t work. The family’s mother, however, was adamant about the dots on the “i.” “It irritated her.”

Justine Cordule also wanted to answer this thorny question of state aid, as she explained.

assured the couple.revealed Steve’s wife.


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