Mylène Farmer: the singer announces the release date of her new album!

Mylène Farmer is making a comeback in stores four years after his last album. The singer’s agent announced the release of a twelfth album in a press release issued on Friday, May 13, 2022. The artist was collaborating on this new opus with other big names in music such as Moby, Woodkid, and AaRON, according to the agency headed by Pascal Nègre. It will be a reunion for Mylène Farmer and the composer, who previously collaborated on the titles and soundtrack.

His most recent album, “Disobedience,” was released in 2018 and has sold over 250,000 copies. As a result, this new opus will be released just in time for the “Nevermore” tour in 2023, which will include eleven concerts in eight cities.

Mylène Farmer is causing a stir once again with this announcement, a year after her extraordinary presence at the Cannes Film Festival. The singer’s fans were understandably outraged when this press release was released. On Twitter, we can read “.”


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