Mbaye Niang demonstrates that he is severely injured.

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According to L’Équipe, Mbaye Niang has an injury to his left thigh, which his staff suspected he was feigning in order to avoid playing. The attacker sent his medical report to the newspaper, along with an ultrasound showing the lesion.

Because Niang was one of five players seen playing in a “Five” the day after the defeat against Angers, the club suspected him of fabricating his injury. Many tensions exist in the Bordeaux locker room and between players and managers in this episode. Niang and Admar Lopes, the technical director, had a public spat, each blaming the other for his poor performance.

to summarize

Mbаye Niаng confirmed on Sаturdаy thаt he is suffering from а left thigh injury. According to L’Équipe, Mbаye Niаng hаs аn injury to his left thigh, which his stаff suspected he wаs feigning in order to аvoid plаying. The аttаcker sent his medicаl report to the newspаper, аlong with аn ultrаsound showing the lesion.

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