Manon Marsault cashes in on her last failed cosmetic surgery: “I was missed,” “a carnage”!

Cosmetic surgery is a hot topic among reality show contestants. The misses are currently lining up and making the most noise. There are the six women who accuse surgeon Benjamin Azoulay of mutilation, including Luna Skye and Emilie Amar, and today, another failure, but this time for Manon Marsault and without Doctor Azoulay.

“, Julien Tant’s wifei told us first. “Undereye bags,” I say before evoking the reason for returning to the scalpel.

But this isn’t the first time the mother of Tiago, 5, and Valentina, 3, has mentioned a final time after a binge. “, she stated in the year 2021. Or: “”. In 2022, who will be the true der of the ders?

Laura Bertrand

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