Ludivine Retory, “TPMP People” columnist, reveals her salary… It’s also very comfortable!

Ludivine Retory is one of Jordan De Luxe’s recent visitors. When confronted by the journalist, the columnist discussed his romantic relationship, his presence in, and, unsurprisingly, his salary.

She, like Danielle Moreau, is on a fixed-term contract, unlike some of her colleagues who are paid based on their presence. She explained, “We have seasonal contracts.” , said the guest, pleased with her circumstances. What is the value of this sum? ,. This amount, however, has changed due to his weekly presence in the and Saturdays with Benjamin Castaldi and Matthieu Delormeau. she went on.

Also see Ludivine Retory, a “TPMP” columnist, in the same bikini as her daughter.

Adam Javal-Fauconnier

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