Lorient: Before the match, things are heating up with the Girondins!

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Bordeaux is tense! While the Girondins must win this evening against Lorient to keep their hopes alive while hoping that ASSE loses to Reims, the pre-match did not go as planned.

The ultra marines were very excited, according to RMC Sport and a video shown by L’Equipe journalist Emery Taisne, who were waiting for the team bus and “who had invaded the car parks intended for the press.” A “welcome committee” was planned, but the bus eventually went behind. As a result, “tear gas from the CRS present dispersed the Ultras” while “the players were heckled.”

to summаrize

While Bordeаux prepаres for а cruciаl mаtch аgаinst Lorient tonight, tensions hаve grown between fаns аnd plаyers.

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