Longoria fantasizes about bringing in a large contingent from Spain, as well as a major internal cleaning.

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While Pablo Longoria’s eyes twinkle brightest when thinking about the upcoming summer transfer window, his role as president of OM also requires him to invest in the club’s other components, including the training center. The sudden departures of Nasser Larguet and Jean-Claude Giuntini have created a lot of movement in this sector.

Arrivals from Spain for training?

The departures are part of a much larger reorganization, according to L’Equipe this morning. Pablo Longoria would welcome the arrival of Spanish technicians, and would specifically seek out the technical director of a historic La Liga club to oversee the club’s training.

The leaders, dissatisfied with the Marseille formation, are planning the departures of Maxence Flachez (reserve) and Philippe Anziani (attackers) at the same time, while the OM Next Generation project may be scaled back, as well as several administrative reorganizations. Marseille is a fast-paced city!

to summаrize

While we wаit for the Mercаto аnd the first teаm, it’s time to reorgаnize the OM side of things in terms of trаining, which will include а lot of chаnges. Pаblo Longoriа is rumored to be plаnning his аrrivаl.

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