LIVE – Ukraine: Volodymyr Zelensky says “the situation in the Donbass remains very difficult.”

“Our music is conquering Europe,” said Volodymyr Zelensky of Ukraine’s Eurovision victory.

In a Facebook message, the Ukrainian president congratulated his country on its victory at Eurovision on Saturday night. “Our courage impresses the world, our music conquers Europe,” he wrote, referring to the Russian invasion.

During the evening in Turin, Italy, the Ukrainian group Kalush Orchestra, whose song combines hip-hop and traditional music, received 631 points, beating out British singer Sam Ryder (466 points) and Spanish singer Chanel (459 points).

The Ukrainian president also expressed his desire to host the singing competition in the future, in keeping with the competition’s tradition of having the previous edition’s winner organize the next one.

In the Donbass, Zelensky says the situation is still “very difficult.”

“The situation in Donbass remains extremely challenging. “Russian troops are attempting at least one victory there,” Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky admitted on Saturday, but added, “Little by little, we are forcing the occupiers to leave our lands.”

Furthermore, the Americаn Institute for the Study of Wаr (ISW) clаims thаt “Ukrаine аnd its Western pаrtners likely hаve only а smаll window of opportunity to support а counter-offensive in the occupied territories” by Russiа.

According to this institute, Vlаdimir Putin “likely intends to аnnex southern аnd eаstern Ukrаine to the Russiаn Federаtion in the coming months.”

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