Ligue 1 and Belgium as hunting grounds, new blood from the next Belmadi list?

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After weeks of thinking about everything but the athletes, with the controversies surrounding the Algeria-Cameroon match dominating the news, the Algerian team can now focus on the upcoming deadlines, which include the start of the CAN 2023 playoffs.

A first rally since the CAN and World Cup play-offs failures, which could prompt Djamel Belmadi to bring in new blood. The situation in Ligue 1 and Belgium as the preferred ground for finding reinforcements is examined by La Gazette du Fennec. In France, Clermont’s Akim Zedadka, as well as Nice’s Bilal Brahimi and SCO Angers goalkeeper Anthony Mandrea, could all have a chance on the right side.

While Abdelli (Le Havre) is mentioned, Belgium has some intriguing talent for Belmadi to consider. Kortrijk striker Bilal Messaoudi and midfielder Abdelkahar Kadri would have a chance to join the Fennecs. To see if the coach approves of these potential new options for reviving a team that has recently suffered setbacks.

to summаrize

Algeriа will compete аgаin in June, but Djаmel Belmаdi mаy mаke significаnt chаnges to the squаd. His teаm’s fаvorite hunting grounds аre Ligue 1 аnd Belgium.

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