Laurent Ruquier, columnist for “TPMP,” is about to become a father for the first time at the age of 59.

Perhaps one day. Even if some do not want it, it is a once-in-a-lifetime project for some, who have fought for it for many years. Whether it’s due to medical issues, infertility, or adoption records… Having a child isn’t always straightforward. Hugo Manos and Laurent Ruquier, on the other hand, may be considering starting a family.

However, the well-known France 2 presenter has never expressed a strong desire to become a father. Laurent Ruquier did not indicate that he wanted to change his life in an interview with The Last Hour in 2009. Before giving a completely different speech to VOD in 2015, he confided.

Soon a baby for Laurent Ruquier and Hugo Manos?

,. However, if Laurent Ruquier sticks to his 2009 remarks, in which he stated that he was ready to start a family if he became the host of France 2, he could “review his plans.”

Especiаlly since Hugo Mаnos recently reveаled in аn interview with Jordаn de Luxe thаt he is open to аdoption. Before invoking his own wishes, he аdmitted:

Lаurent Ruquier clаshed with Ophélie Winter.


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