Laporta’s incredible faith in Xavi regarding the Haaland case!

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Joan Laporta had a goal at the start of the season, but it was not scored. Barca has long pursued Erling Haaland, though Real Madrid and Manchester City appeared to be in a better position from the start. The English club came out on top in the end. As a result, the Haaland clan’s contract clauses were accepted by the leaders of the citizens.

Today, SPORT includes a blaugrana Twitter account dedicated to club news.took care of relayingJoan Laporta’s speech revealed this. “If I had paid the commissions for Haaland, I would have quit the next day,” he would have told Xavi. As a result, the commissions were far too high for the Barcelona club.

to summarize

FC Barcelona dropped out of the race to sign Erling Haaland for primarily financial reasons. Indeed, the Erling Haaland clan demanded the inclusion of numerous clauses that the Catalan club could not accept.

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