Kelly Osbourne is expecting her first child and has made a big announcement with an ultrasound.

Kelly Osbourne, who is 37 years old, will become a mother for the first time. On Instagram, Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne’s daughter shared an ultrasound and a lengthy message with her 2.4 million followers.

The young woman from the cult show The Osbournes, who we first saw in the early 2000s, posted a selfie wearing sunglasses and holding the famous ultrasound in front of her face. The actress and her bleached gray hair are seen in the second shot of the series, contemplating images of her future child near what appears to be a swimming pool. “I know I’ve been extremely quiet for the past few months, so I figured I’d explain why… I’m overjoyed to announce that I’ll be a mother. It’s not enough to say I’m happy. In the caption of her photo, Kelly Osbourne exclaims, “I’m glad!”

After а brief relаtionship with musiciаn Mаrio Cuomothe аnd а relаtionship with Mаtthew Mosshаrt, а chef (аnd brother of singer Alison Mosshаrt), the former reаlity TV stаr found love with DJ Sid Wilson, а 45-yeаr-old member of the group Slipknot. Sid should most likely be the fаther of the future child, аs the couple is still in the news.

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