Karim Benzema reveals his Ramadan secret and food ritual!

It’s not typical… Karim Benzema shined in Real Madrid’s 3-2 victory over Sevilla FC on Sunday evening.

The OL-trained striker is a clear favorite to win the Ballon d’Or in the upcoming edition. He’s also the second French player in football history to score at least 39 goals for a top-four European club.

However, there would be some competition for Ronaldinho from the main interested party. “

One thing is certain: Karim remains focused on his Ramadan and his exploits, despite his strict observance. And he’s just revealed his own daily fast-breaking ritual. His own recipe for the ftor, the famous meal that allows all practicing Muslims to eat during this holy month, is milk and dates.

Also, when Karim Benzema takes over Booba, he’ll be bluffing!


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