Jean-Jacques Goldman turned down the opportunity to write a song for Dadju.

The rapper claims he tried to work with the legendary singer but was turned down.

Dadju, a rapper, released his third solo album on Friday. He bowed to the game of interviews on this occasion, revealing over the microphone that he had proposed to a legend of French song to collaborate on a piece.

“I had the opportunity to speak with Jean-Jacques Goldman and I asked him if he could write me a title,” he said, adding that the proposal took place in 2018 and that he was currently working on his second disc.

“Sorry to have disturbed you Mr Goldman”

“He answered me very kindly, telling me that he really liked what I was doing, in particular, but that, unfortunately, he had stopped composing and writing,” Dadju recalls the author’s response.

“He was so frank and sincere with me that I wanted to say: ‘Sorry for disturbing you, Mr.,” Dadju added. Goldman’.”

Dаdju mаde his аcting debut this week in, а romаntic comedy stаrring Kаridjа Touré. He will perform “the concert of his life” аt the Pаrc des Princes on June 18.

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