Is war leading to a food shortage?

One of the consequences of the Ukrainian conflict is this. The Ukrainian port has been shut down. This week, the country’s president urged the international community to act quickly to lift the Russian blockade and resume wheat deliveries. He expresses concern about a global food crisis. What are your thoughts? BFMTV defense consultant General Jérôme Pellistrandi Patrick Martin-Genier is a professor at Sciences Po and an expert on European and international affairs. – From Saturday, May 14, 2022, on BFMTV, Jean-Baptiste Boursier and Céline Pitelet will put the year 2022 to the test.

Jean-Baptiste Boursier, accompanied by Céline Pitelet, dissects three main themes of the week’s news through a meticulous reminder of the facts, in order to “put the context back into the facts.”

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