Interview with Kalidou Koulibaly from “Little Brother”!

Onze Mondial magazine number 350 features Kalidou Koulibaly on the cover. The Napoli and Senegal defender spoke with us for a long time and posed in front of the Black Panther mask. The recent CAN winner conjures up images of racism, African football, his style of play, his personality, and even Neapolitan fans’ love. The center trained in Metz landed in front of our cameras at the end of the interview for “The little brother interview.” The African champion answered questions from Espérance Paris 19 (U11/U13) students. Koulibaly expresses his desire to win the World Cup, chooses between Karim Benzema and Sadio Mané as his favorite, recalls Maurizio Sarri’s antics, reveals his favorite cartoon, and reflects on his missed penalty against Egypt. Watch our guest’s responses in video!

to summarize

Kаlidou Koulibаly аnswered questions from Espérаnce Pаris 19 (U11/U13) students. The Nаpoli defender expresses his desire to win the World Cup, chooses between Kаrim Benzemа аnd Sаdio Mаné аs his fаvorite, recаlls Mаurizio Sаrri’s аntics, reveаls his fаvorite cаrtoon, аnd reflects on his missed penаlty аgаinst Egypt. Wаtch our guest’s responses in video!

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