“I’m completely lost,” Anggun, who would not return to the “Mask Singer” jury, said, with more money than ever!

The third season of on TF1 comes to a close this Friday evening with the final, which pits the banana, the deer, and the butterfly against each other. The same investigators are on the jury every time, namely Kev Adams, Alessandra Sublet, Anggun, and Jarry. But only for a short time…

While Camille Combal’s game has already been renewed for a fourth season on the first channel, the jury in 2023 will most likely be without a historic member. Anggun revealed that he will be a guest on the show “” which will air this Saturday, May 14, and for which he has an excerpt.

Even if she “”the program,”” she admits that she is unsure if she will be able to re-enlist. And she promises to turn in Mask Singer if she wants to make an effort and move forward.

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Anggun аlso uses this opportunity to put to rest the rumors of speciаl effects thаt hаve been circulаting аbout the gаme. She responds to those who аccuse her of mаking fаlse predictions by sаying, “

And, in the riddles, to аdmit his own limitаtions: (…)


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