He discovers his mother and brother’s bodies in a state of decomposition without any news of their whereabouts.

This horrifying discovery was made in Maing on Friday. A post-mortem examination will be carried out.

After waiting more than two months for news from his mother and brother, a Normandy man decided to visit his family in Maing on Friday. He discovers flies on the window on the spot, reveals. A unique item.

“His mother couldn’t stand the flies, so he immediately realized something was wrong,” Corinne Collet, Maing’s deputy mayor, tells France Bleu.

The man climbs over the padlocked gate, opens the unlocked door, and discovers two decomposing bodies.

an autopsy

The cops arrived on the scene. Carbon monoxide levels were also measured. They ended up being negative.

An autopsy will be performed, and the circumstances of their death must be documented.

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