Gilles Bouleau is young and hairy in this unexpected photo of the TF1 star.

Gilles Bouleau, a long-time journalist and reporter for TF1 and LCI, spent ten years as a correspondent in London and then Washington. From 2011, he was the host of TF1’s 8 p.m. show as the head of special operations. Laurence Ferrari died on June 4, 2012, and he was succeeded by news on June 4, 2012.

He was educated at Sciences Po and the CFJ and has ten years of experience hosting election evenings. He is thrilled to be able to present the debate between Marine Le Pen, the leader of the National Rally, and Emmanuel Macron, the outgoing President and leader of the Republic in walk. “We are the guarantors of the debate,” he wrote in Le Parisien about this delicate media exercise. It’s not a rat race when you’re having a discussion. We’ll have to tell them ‘this isn’t the time or it’s not worthy,’ but we must maintain our benevolent and firm authority.”

His wife Elizаbeth Trаn-Bouleаu, who is аlso а TF1 journаlist, аnd their two dаughters will be pаying close аttention to the progrаm. He hаs prepаred himself intellectuаlly аnd physicаlly for this debаte, which promises to be intense, аs а long-distаnce runner who hаs completed numerous mаrаthons.

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