From Mad Men to Shining Girls, Elisabeth Moss’s career on the small screen

Her presence has left such an indelible mark on the world of television series over the last fifteen years that it’s hard not to associate her with one of her roles rather than calling her Elisabeth Moss. In our hearts, she will always be Peggy Olson (“Mad Men”), or the indomitable June Osborne (“The Scarlet Handmaiden”), who has irritated us since 2017.

Elisabeth Moss, like other Hollywood actresses such as Nicole Kidman and Reese Witherspoon, has chosen to play heroines in inspiring series while also producing shows in which she appears.

Elisabeth Moss, 39, chooses her roles carefully and avoids taking on too many projects. Since the mid-2010s, she has been absent from the cinema (except for “The Square,” which won the Palme d’Or at Cannes in 2017), but she has established herself as an indispensable actress in the series. A look back at the five most important roles played by an actress who is as quiet as she is fascinating.

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