“France has turned into the Wild West,” Danielle Moreau and Matthieu Delormeau reassembled on “TPMP,” denouncing the country’s rising violence.

,. Danielle Moreau did not intend for this sentence to incite the activist Hadama Traoré on the set of TPMP a few days ago. The entire Cyril Hanouna team wanted to address a topic that has become increasingly popular over time. In particular, France’s insecurity. When the columnist for the daily C8 voiced his opinion on the subject, the debate quickly turned sour. The activist was thus on the set of Cyril Hanouna the day after his declaration to exchange with Danielle Moreau.

TPMP columnist explained to his interlocutor, who was not convinced by his remarks. He did, in fact, retort:

Tense debate on TPMP

Hadama Traoré was then cut by Danielle Moreau to clarify her thoughts and explain: The activist pressed the columnist for more information once more. Particularly since he laments the fact that images of insecurity are limited to the suburbs and housing estates:

Mаtthieu Delormeаu then defended his colleаgue in аn аttempt to persuаde the TPMP visitor to listen to reаson. He initiаlly let go before defending himself: Cyril Hаnounа tried to persuаde everyone to listen to reаson, but everyone seemed set in their wаys.

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