Following a ransom demand, a man was found mutilated, and three people were arrested.

After receiving disturbing videos of the young man broadcast from Morocco, one of the victim’s relatives contacted the police.

Following a ransom demand of 19,000 euros, a man in his twenties was found with his body lacerated on Friday afternoon.

Following an investigation by the departmental judicial police service (SDJP), three people were arrested.

A casino debt of 800 euros

After receiving disturbing audiovisual content from the young man, broadcast from Morocco, one of the victim’s relatives notified the police. During the investigation, the SDJP discovered a laptop in a Fontenay-sous-Bois (94) underground parking garage.

According to local media, the criminals from Montpellier would have come to Île-de-France voluntarily to recover an 800 euro casino debt. They planned to kidnap the young man in Paris’ 13th arrondissement.

The victim was discovered in a vehicle and was taken to the hospital. His life is not in danger a priori.

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