Eurovision 2022: A candidate accused of animal abuse wears a costume that promises “violence” and “sadism.”

Problem is, this outfit is definitely talking about her, but not in a good way. Several anti-bullfighting internet users slammed this combination for making a direct reference to bullfighting (in which bulls are killed by a bullfighter). The young woman was widely chastised on Twitter for allegedly encouraging animal abuse.

“I don’t believe defending animal abuse is the best option,” “Couldn’t be more backward, have less good taste, and be older…” “My god, the bullfighter’s costume is so stupid….”, “To represent Spain in Europe with a bullfighter’s costume is to flaunt Paleoism, animal abuse, anti-progress, the land of pandereta, blood and violence, of violent and sadistic Spain…” Even more common, and in addition to animal cruelty,” we can read in the comments.

Chаnel Terrero responded, “I’m weаring а bullfighter’s jаcket but I’m not dressed аs а bullfighter,” before аdding, “It’s fаshion аnd it hаs nothing to do with it,” during аn interview with the website Will Chаnel Terrero’s suit hurt her performаnce аnd finаl rаnking tonight? I’ve never been to а bullfight аnd I’m not а fаn of bullfighting.

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