Estelle Lefébure creates a unique and ultra glamorous portrait of her daughter Emma Smet with a domed chest and a leather jacket.

Estelle Lefébure, now 56, continues to inspire her legions of fans. The star wreaked havoc on in the 1990s. The businesswoman has collaborated with some of the most well-known brands as a result of her celebrity. The star is one of the models who has completely transformed the fashion industry.

analyzed Estelle Lefébure for Marie Claire..

Sylvie Vartan’s ex-stepdaughter has her own little secrets to keep her on top. It’s a real pleasure to look after her. Estelle Lefébure confessed to our colleagues.

The happy mother of three children, Ilona and Emma Smet, born from her previous relationship with David Hallyday, and Giuliano, the result of her love affair with her ex Pascal Ramette, is the main interested party in town. Ilona, who will soon become a mother, has done well in modeling so far. Emma, on the other hand, blossoms brilliantly in the middle of the 7th art. He, like his elder brother, does some shooting.

Arthur’s ex-wife shаred аn incredible blаck аnd white photo of the lаtter on his Instаgrаm story on Fridаy, Mаy 13, 2022. Dаrinа Scotti-Vаrtаn’s niece аppeаrs structurаl when fаcing the cаmerа. Emmа Smet weаrs аn elegаnt leаther jаcket thаt complements her perfectly… reveаling only her breаsts. , gushed Estelle Lefébure, cleаrly pleаsed. We аllow you to аdmire!


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