Disputes: possible lineups and absences

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Metz has a new final! Following their hope-filled win over OL last week, the Lorraine club must repeat the feat this week against Angers if they hope to keep their title hopes alive. Meanwhile, the Angevins almost confirmed their place in the top flight last week with a win over Bordeaux.

Metz will be without Pajot for this match due to his suspension. Amadou, Centonze, Bronn, Delaine, Kana-Biyik, and N’Doram have all been injured. Angers, on the other hand, will be stripped of Doumbia and suspended. Boufaf, Cabot, and Capelle have all been hurt.

The probable compositions

Caillard – Lacroix, Kouyaté, Niakaté – Mikelbrencis, Traoré, Pajot, Sarr, Candé – De Préville, Lamkel Zé, Metz: Caillard – Lacroix, Kouyaté, Niakaté – Mikelbre

Angers: Mandrea – Manceau, Traoré, Ebosse – Bentaleb – Bamba, Pereira-Lage, Ounahi, Mendy – Jakolis, Fulgini – Bentaleb – Bamba, Pereira-Lage, Ounahi, Mendy

to summarize

Discover the probаble lineups аnd notаble аbsences for this 37th-dаy mаtch between Frédéric Antonetti’s FC Metz аnd Gérаld Bаticle’s SCO Angers. The mаtch is scheduled to begin аt 9 p.m. on Sаturdаy, Mаy 14, 2022. from the Sаint-Symphorien Stаde

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