Camavinga’s hilarious confession about Modric’s outsides!

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Eduardo Camavinga has had a promising first season with Real Madrid after joining from Stade Rennes last summer. He has shown himself to be very comfortable in each of his appearances. When asked by France Football about the outsides of Luka Modric’s foot, the French international made a very amusing confidence.

Camavinga under the spell of Modric!

“Luka, he has an instinct, a vision… I would break my ankle if I made the same passes as him,” the former SRFC midfielder said. It’s not for nothing that the Ballon d’Or is awarded. Pff, he throws passes with his outside foot… I’m going to break my ankle if I try these things. He attacks as well as defends, and his movement inspires me,” he said.

to summarize

Eduаrdo Cаmаvingа, а Reаl Mаdrid midfielder, mаde а very sympаthetic confession аbout Lukа Modric’s foot’s exteriors. Indeed, the Frаnce internаtionаl hаs stаted thаt if he did the sаme things аs his legendаry senior, he would breаk his аnkle.

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