Bruno Guimares declares his desire to play for the Magpies!

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Newcastle is currently 9th in the Premier League with three days to go, but they have one or more games in hand on their pursuers. A situation that stands in stark contrast to the season’s near-catastrophic start. Bruno Guimares was one of the rookies involved in this amazing comeback.

Last night, on the sidelines of the match against Liverpool, the Brazilian gave an interview to DailyMail, which was relayed by Foot Mercato, in which he said, “We have to think big.” I am convinced of my own abilities. I trust the supervisor. I wasn’t scared because of where we were. I’m in a big club and want to make a name for myself. I’d like to write my own narrative. I’d like to leave my mark on the world. “A powerful statement demonstrating his commitment to his new team.” It’s enough to make Lyon fans squirm…

to summarize

Bruno Guimаres exited Olympique Lyonnаis viа the bаck door, but returned to Newcаstle viа the mаin entrаnce in Jаnuаry. Since then, the Brаziliаn hаs been working on а budding love аffаir, аnd he wаnts to leаve his mаrk on the Mаgpies’ history.

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