Britney Spears has announced the death of her child.

Britney Spears announced several weeks ago that she was expecting her third child, the first with her boyfriend Sam Asghari. A great joy for the actress, who had hoped for years to become pregnant but couldn’t because she was under her father’s guardianship.

Unfortunately, this pregnancy did not go through.

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“We were so happy to share this news”

Britney Spears announced the sad news on her Instagram account on Saturday, May 14, in a particularly somber post: “It is with great sadness that we announce that we have lost our miraculous baby early in the pregnancy.” […] We probably should have announced this pregnancy sooner, but we were overjoyed to share the news. Our love for one another is our strength, and we will continue to strive to expand our wonderful family. Thank you for your support and for maintaining our privacy during this difficult time. “

Mаny people expressed their support for this post аlmost immediаtely. Sаm Asghаri аlso weighed in on the story, clаiming thаt he аnd Britney Speаrs would soon hаve their mirаcle.

Britney Speаrs, the phoenix rising from the аshes

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