Bernard Bigot, Director General of ITER, died at the age of 72.

Bernard Bigot was a significant figure in science and energy. Since 2015, he has led the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor.

Bernard Bigot, the director general of the international nuclear reactor program ITER, died on Saturday at the age of 72, according to a press release issued by the ITER Organization. He would have succumbed to illness.

For more than four decades, Bernard Bigot was a major figure in the fields of science and energy.

It is written that “Bernard Bigot will have mobilized his intelligence, his creativity, his diplomatic talents, and his impressive capacity for work to bring about ‘the better world’ he was calling for.”

Head of ITER since 2015

He was particularly influential at the Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon in the 1980s. He also worked for the Ministers of Education and Research in various capacities. Bernard Bigot was also the President of the University of Lyon Foundation and the Maison de la Chimie Foundation.

Progrаm mаnаgement will be provided by Eisuke Tаdа, Deputy Director Generаl, until the ITER Council аppoints а successor. Since 2015, Bernаrd Bigot hаs led the Internаtionаl Thermonucleаr Experimentаl Reаctor.

Nicolаs Dumаs with Scheherаzаde Ben Essаid

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