Benzema’s ban on a merengue scorer could be lifted in Turkey!

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Mariano Diaz has vanished from the radar since leaving Olympique Lyonnais in 2018. The Dominican striker returned to Real Madrid with high hopes but little success. The striker will have only 6 minor achievements in four seasons, a pitiful record. Mariano Diaz is clearly not in Merengue’s plans, owing to competition from Karim Benzema, whose departure is encouraged.

In Turkey, the latter may well recover. Fenerbahçe would have made it a priority for the coming season, according to information from Fotomac. The Turkish club and the player’s clan have already exchanged information.

to summarize

Mariano Diaz could depart Real Madrid this summer. The center-forward returned to Fenerbahce in 2018 after a year at Olympique Lyonnais, but he never won a game and would be on Fenerbahce’s small papers next season.

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