“Be nice, please, Stephane Bern,” Mika warns the host before the Eurovision final.

The Eurovision Song Contest grand finale will take place in Turin, Italy on Saturday, May 14, 2022. Laura Pausini, presenter Alessandro Cattelan, and Mika hosted an unforgettable evening. The latter, who described himself as a “big fan” of the show, wanted to clarify some controversial remarks he made on the RTL antenna a few years ago when he called the show “shit.” “,” he admitted before going on to explain himself: “.”

Mika recognizes that criticism is a part of the game, even if he hasn’t always been kind to certain aspects of Eurovision. In a 20-minute interview with our colleagues, the former Voice juror evokes d Besides the role of the evening’s commentators and the small mockeries distilled by some. “,” he says, before adding, “”

The singer also used the occasion to discuss his recent news in France: “”


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