Bayern Munich’s president has sent a new strong message to Lewandowski!

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While the player appears to want to join Barcelona, Bayern Munich president Herbert Hainer does not agree: “Lewandowski has a contract until 2023, and he will fulfill it.” Spain, which does not seem to dampen the Catalan fervor, continues to seek financial recovery through sales and partnerships in order for this transfer to succeed.

Bayern want to send a message

The president of Bayern Munich protects his club’s image with such words. Barça, according to Toni Juan Marti, sees these remarks as a strategy rather than an impediment. The German club wants to flex their muscles, knowing that Lewandowski’s desire to join Spain puts them in a weak position. Furthermore, if a departure occurs, potential replacements on par with the Pole do not roam the streets, making the task for the Bavarian leaders difficult.

to summarize

Bаyern’s president spoke аbout Robert Lewаndowski’s situаtion. The Pole’s contrаct will expire for Herbert Heiner, but the plаyer wаnts to leаve, аnd Bаrçа will not be deterred by such stаtements.

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