Antonio Rüdiger wished for a second chance with the Blues!

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Chelsea lost their third FA Cup final in a row yesterday afternoon, this time to Liverpool, after losing the League Cup at the end of February on penalties. A difficult finish for the Blues and Thomas Tuchel, but perhaps even more so for Antonio Rüdiger, who is off to a poor start. When his contract expired in June, the German defender decided not to continue his 5-year adventure in London and instead chose another Spanish capital: Madrid.

It isn’t official yet, but by the beginning of June, it should be. That’s why Rüdiger was so irritated after yesterday’s game:

” It’s been five years, with ups and downs as usual, but a lot of good things. That’s why I’m even more annoyed, because I had hoped for a different conclusion. Chelsea has treated me well, and I have treated Chelsea well. And, yes, I am grateful as always. “

to summаrize

Antonio Rüdiger, unfortunаtely, will leаve Chelseа without hаving won either of the two domestic cups. A huge letdown for the plаyer who chose to leаve the London club for Reаl Mаdrid.

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