Alvan (d’Alvan & Ahez) is “complexed with phew,” his common illness with Edouard Philippe, in Eurovision 2022.

My beard has whitened under the effect of stress

Edouard Philippe, who served as Prime Minister from May 15, 2017 to July 3, 2020, had surprised Matignon with a whitening beard. It has gradually become entirely white, as seen during its last public appearance on May 7 at the Elysée Palace during Emanuel Macron’s investiture ceremony.

In September 2021, he revealed the details of his illness to Audrey Crespo-Mara on the TF1 show seven to eight: “It’s true that I don’t look the same when I leave Matignon as when I arrive.” It’s very physical, true; it’s also very stressful, true; it’s also very intense, so the body reacted,” he admitted at first. In September 2021, I developed dark circles and my beard whitened as a result of stress and its likely impact on my metabolism. I hereby confirm that I am suffering from vitiligo, a disease that is neither painful nor contagious but very visible.”

A diseаse thаt, in аny cаse, will not tаint Alvаn’s аnd his three friends’ Eurovision tаlent.

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