Alain Delon ulcerated Jean Gabin, a terrible estrangement that nearly brought his marriage to an end!

On May 22, C8 viewers will be able to (re)watch, a work that Jean Gabin wore with panache. His son Mathias Moncorgé spoke with our colleagues from TV Star about the occasion. Unfiltered, the latter alluded to his famous parent’s estrangement from him that occurred during the filming of

According to him, Nathalie Delon’s ex-husband would have caused numerous conflicts within the team… He would have even managed to ruin Jean Gabin and his wife’s wedding anniversary. , irritated Mathias Moncorgé, who was not without resentment. The main interested party at the time was always trying to steal the show from his on-screen partner. A scenario that would have set the powder on fire. Tensions were palpable between the two gentlemen…

Lino Ventura gets involved…

, Dominique Fournier’s son added. But Jean Gabin was not the only one who was irritated by the star’s behavior. The opposite is true. Those close to the actor were able to support him during the turmoil.

Mаthiаs Moncorgé elаborаted. Obviously, this unexpected intervention would hаve cаlmed Alаin Delon, who wаs lаter identified аs the lаte Jeаn Gаbin’s son. Everything works out perfectly!


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