After winning La Liga, Courtois made a strong tackle on Barça.

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Real Madrid won La Liga for the 35th time this past Saturday. At home against Espanyol (4-0), the Madrid players largely accomplished this. A title that should be celebrated by Madrid players on the Bernabeu lawn as well as on the streets of Madrid by bus and in Cibeles Square at the end of the day.

Thibaut Courtois, on the other hand, had a little fun with Barça by tackling him. Following the game, the Belgian goalkeeper chastised the Catalan club for their celebrations following the 4-0 defeat at the Bernabeu on March 20. “It was crucial after the Clásico; some celebrated as if they had won the title, as if they had returned, but we remained calm,” Courtois said. Before confirming his ambitions for the season’s end. “We had a great year and we hope to finish it with the Champions League to see if we can play another final,” Madrid goalkeeper Gareth Bale concluded.

to summаrize

After Reаl Mаdrid’s title victory over Espаnyol on Sаturdаy, Thibаut Courtois wаs pleаsed to tаke on Bаrçа. The Cаtаlаn club wаs stung by the Belgiаn goаlkeeper’s exuberаnce аfter the Clаsico victory.

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