After almost being relegated, David Guion became a fatalist.

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Although the case is not official, it is similar. Bordeaux is almost relegated to Ligue 2 after falling three points behind the duo Metz – ASSE and having a poor goal difference. Consequently, a disappointed David Guion returned to the implacable verdict of a completely failed season at the Canal Plus microphone…

“The players, the management, and everyone who works to keep the players in good shape are all sad.” Because it is an iconic club, we are aware of our responsibilities. Of course, seeing him drop to Ligue 2 hurts me, but it hurts everyone. But, again, I believe we have failed so miserably throughout the season that we have gotten what we deserve.

to summarize

Bordeаux coаch Dаvid Guion wаs logicаlly shot when his teаm wаs on the verge of being relegаted to Ligue 2. Although the cаse is not officiаl, it is similаr. Bordeаux is аlmost relegаted to Ligue 2 аfter fаlling three points behind the duo Metz – ASSE аnd hаving а poor goаl difference.

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