A hiker died after falling from the Etretat cliffs.

During a family hike, the victim, who was around sixty years old, fell into the void while attempting to take a photo from the top of the cliffs.

A hiker in her sixties died on Thursday after falling from the famous Etretat cliffs in Seine-Maritime while attempting to take a photo, according to gendarmes.

“The victim wanted to take a photo at the top of the cliff and stumbled into the void while holding out her phone,” a gendarme explained. “Her husband and two other couples accompanied her. “The group was out hiking,” the same source said.

Second fall since the beginning of the year

A 24-year-old woman died in January after falling from these cliffs while taking a photo. “She allegedly backed up by accident, either taking or being photographed,” the gendarmes said at the time.

In 2013, a hiker in her thirties committed suicide while photographing these cliffs after a fatal fall.

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