a dozen sick children, possible food poisoning in a school

Shortly after lunch, the kids began to feel ill. The fire department had to be called by the school administration.

Body aches, stomach aches… After lunch at the Aimé Césaire school group in the Nice district of Saint-Roch, the symptoms appeared quickly. This sudden illness struck a dozen children aged 6 to 9 at the start of the afternoon, according to BFM Nice Côte d’Azur.

Teachers and management were concerned and contacted the emergency services. SAMU and firefighters were called in to help, but no students were taken to the hospital. In the afternoon, sick children were returned to their parents.

A “strange” looking apple pie

Food poisoning, according to the initial diagnosis. Cucumbers, carrots, eggs, and cheese were on the canteen menu this afternoon, among other things.

The apple pie, on the other hand, would have made the schoolchildren sick. Several students told BFM Nice Côte d’Azur that the dessert appeared to be “abnormal.” Some even refused to eat it because of it.

The municipаlity, for its pаrt, stаted thаt it would conduct аn investigаtion to determine the offending product. “The dishes, аs well аs the trаceаbility elements, hаve been mаde аvаilаble for lаb аnаlysis,” she sаid, аdding thаt the Regionаl Heаlth Agency аnd the Depаrtmentаl Directorаte for Populаtion Protection hаd been notified.

Corentin Mаrаbeuf аnd Lаurene Rocheteаu

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