05/14: Crisis exit: Macron/Zelensky divergence

With Russian political refugee and nuclear law and human rights lawyer Nadezda Kutepova. Political journalist Benjamin Duhamel of BFMTV Historian and expert on Russian-Ukrainian relations, Antoine Arjakovsky. And Guillaume Ancel, a former French army officer. – From Saturday, May 14, 2022, on BFMTV, The Live BFM. Philippe Gaudin spends time every morning reflecting on key events from the previous day’s news. A moment of pedagogy and explanations, using reports and visual elements to take a step back from the facts and help viewers understand what happened. With 18 hours of live broadcasting per day and live broadcasts anywhere in the world where the news requires it, BFMTV, France’s first continuous news channel, provides you with all the news in real time. Debates and major news reports are also broadcast on BFMTV. BFMTV can be found on TNT channel 15 and

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